3 Factors that Affect the Taste of your Coffee

The Taste
of Coffee

Most people love a good cup of coffee. Whether you want to energize yourself in the morning or help yourself stay awake for late-night work, coffee is the usual go-to solution. As such, coffee has become a staple in any household, with speciality coffee becoming more and more popular among coffee enthusiasts -  and part of the best thing about this iconic beverage is that you can make it according to your liking and preferences.

There are tons of coffee varieties out on the market. If you often visit your local coffee shops, you will know that there are a variety of different coffee drinks that you can get. But more than that, aside from the milk, sugar, syrup, and other ingredients that a barista puts in your cup of coffee, the coffee beans themselves contribute different tastes and flavours.

There are many types of coffee, Arabica is one, for example, and the flavour of the coffee type depends on how and where it is planted, its cultivar, and the methods used to roast it.

To give you a clearer perspective, here are three factors that significantly affect the taste of your coffee:

Coffee elevation refers to the altitude above sea level where the bean is grown. It affects the density of your coffee bean by slowing down its growth. Generally speaking, the higher the elevation, the better-tasting coffee you get. When well-taken care of, coffee beans grown at high-altitude can produce a more acidic, aromatic, and flavorful coffee. All our labels on our speciality coffee beans here at The Proper Coffee Co. include details of elevation.

Africa has some of the highest elevations in the coffee speciality world. The continent produces coffee beans that are harvested at 1,800-2,200 MASL (Metres Above Sea-Level).



Coffee has many varieties or cultivars, and each has its advantages and disadvantages based on the country where it was harvested. Each cultivar possesses characteristics that are unique to themselves, and these characteristics are what make them stand out. Typically, bags of coffee note the variety of its bean on its label.

There are over 100 coffee species with the main ones as Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora. These two species are commercially cultivated. Also, some of the most sought cultivars that have the highest prices in the market are Typica, Bourbon, and Geisha.

Before you get your cup of coffee, coffee beans go through a roasting process. Our master roasters aim to bring the coffee bean’s best flavours forward, so you’ll get the taste of all the hard work that the farmers had exerted to make the perfect tasting coffee beans. They use a variety of perfected roasting profiles to highlight their natural flavour, which at the most basic level include:

  • Light roast – has fruity notes and often leaves aftertastes
  • Medium roast – has a slightly darker and sweeter taste
  • Dark roast – has a bold and deep flavour and low acidity

It is important to note that the resulting flavour of coffee roasting will also depend on the roaster's approach and method.



Several factors significantly affect the taste of your coffee, and the three main critical elements include elevation, its cultivar, and its roasting process. According to experts and enthusiasts, coffee that is grown on high altitude tastes better. You can get your coffee light, medium, or dark depending on your preference.

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