Grinding Speciality Coffee

Grinding Speciality Beans for a Perfect Cup of Coffee


For a select few, coffee is not just a beverage that is to be quickly made in the morning and consumed on-the-go. There are those who perceive the world of coffee as a ritual that is meant to be slowed down and enjoyed, and there are good reasons to do this. Investing in proper speciality coffee beans, coffee equipment, and investing personal times of the day to brew the perfect cup of coffee, pays off greatly when it comes to the entire experience.

One of the factors that is often overlooked when crafting the perfect cup is the process of grinding the beans to the perfect consistency. Coffee beans are often compared to chocolates with flavoured centres, which are able to be fully reached and utilised for flavour by grinding them. Here are some steps to consider when you are trying to achieve the maximum taste and a consistent coffee experience:

When it comes to speciality coffee, the beans are already extremely flavourful and aromatic. When grinding these beans, it has been found that the coffee loses up to around two-thirds (depending on the variety) of its aroma within just fifteen minutes!

To combat this loss in taste and potency of flavour, it is best to grind beans only when you are about to use them to make coffee. This may seem like an arduous task for those who hate being up early in the morning and having to do extra tasks. However, the taste difference you will experience in your beverage will give you an entirely different view on how you take your coffee.

If you do not own a grinder, there's quite a bit of choice to choose from and you can purchase either an automatic/motorised grinder or for smaller amounts, a manual coffee grinder would work just fine -  However, you can also buy ground coffee from many outlets too and some (like us!) will grind it fresh for you right before sending it out. It would also be advisable to avoid buying products that have been sitting on a shelf for extended periods of time.



The common mistake people make when grinding their own coffee at home is that they use the wrong type of grinder for the job. Uneven grind sizes often lead to poor extraction qualities when making a cup of coffee. This happens when the grinder used is a multi-purpose grinder that uses blades to chop products and not one specialized for coffee beans. When the grind quality is poor, this often ends up wasting the entire batch of speciality coffee products you have purchased - don't do it!

Different brew types exist, which is what makes coffee such a beautiful product. You can use the French Press/cafetiere method, pour-over types (Chemex/v60), espressos, and other more complex products such as the Aeropress and many others. The thing with each type is that they utilize different ground sizes, so some may require a medium or coarse grind (French Press), and others may need a finer grind, such as espresso, to give the best flavour.

The reason behind these requirements is due to the coffee-to-water contact times and ratios, which is a bit of a science towards how well the coffee will taste. Having the correct time for each brew will result in incredible flavours and strengths.



The art of coffee brewing is still unknown to many. While there is nothing wrong with having a preference for coffee that is made for instant brewing in the morning, there is a significant difference when dealing with quality coffee beans. If you have never tried artisanal or speciality beans, perhaps it is a good time to try it out.

The Proper Coffee Co. are purveyors of the highest quality speciality coffee beans in the UK. If you are looking to start a new morning ritual with an extended range of flavours, our coffee is ready to head to you!