How Best to Store Coffee

How to Properly Store Coffee | Our Guide


If drinking coffee is part of your daily routine, you owe it to yourself to take good care of your beans or grounds. Speciality Coffee, as all coffee, is perishable, and coffee beans begin to lose their freshness soon after they’re roasted—this also means loss of natural flavours and aroma. In other words, the sooner you use your coffee beans from the Proper Coffee Co, the better the experience will be.

Proper coffee storage remains essential for many, but the debate on which method is better than the other poses a continuous problem. One side argues that freezing coffee is the best method, but many people counter coffee beans should be kept in pantries instead. Unfortunately, the final answer remains to be seen.

To help you on your coffee journey, here’s a simple guide to properly storing coffee, which takes into account both freezer and pantry storage:

The debate on freezer versus pantry storage can be quite confusing but before anything else, let’s take a look at the non-negotiables when it comes to proper coffee storage:

  • Oxygen kills coffee and any other kind of food. To prevent it from being oxidized, an airtight seal is recommended when properly storing food, better yet, invest in a container with a one-way CO2 release valve! So the gases from our freshly roasted coffee beans can escape.
  • Light affects your coffee’s quality. Natural or artificial, light breaks down the cell structures in coffee beans, through a process known as photodegradation. For this reason, opaque storage containers are ideal.
  • Heat and humidity can also ruin your coffee. A hot environment causes molecules to shift and break apart, and it also encourages bacteria to thrive. Humidity also alters the moisture levels of the beans, stripping off its natural flavours.



Those who believe in coffee freezer storage rally behind a single point: if done properly, you will be able to preserve the quality of your coffee beans.

Choosing the freezer storage route isn’t easy to do, but it’s possible. If you have more beans you can use in the next three weeks, opt to freeze them to preserve flavour and freshness. Store them in smaller, airtight containers, ensuring that they’re protected all around, especially from moisture. When you need them, allow them to thaw at room temperature before opening. Opening the container too early will cause condensation, instantly killing your coffee.

Remember: This method does not apply to the bags that your beans come with. You must repackage them in airtight containers—any other holder will instantly degrade your coffee.

To reiterate, your coffee bean’s greatest enemies are moisture, heat, light and oxygen. Opting to store your coffee beans in a pantry does not guarantee you fresh beans. To preserve flavour, make sure to transfer them to opaque, airtight containers. Moreover, ensure that your pantry is located in a dark and cool location. Cabinets near the oven are too warm, and any exposed spot in your kitchen may be susceptible to strong afternoon sun. Choose its designated area properly!

Remember: Once again, your coffee’s retail packaging is not ideal for long-term storage. It is highly recommended that you repackage them in airtight containers.



From what has been discussed, both methods have their advantages. They’re also quite similar in terms of goals and preparation. The only difference is that one freezes your coffee beans, and the other keeps it as is. Perhaps the best way to determine the best possible way of storing them is to properly identify your beans—does it require extra care, such as speciality coffee? Once you’ve identified the needs, work out your coffee storage plans from there - the main factor and takeaway should be to shield your coffee beans from the elements.

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