Spice up your Coffee!

How to Spice-up your Coffee


Coffee has different connotations for different people. For some, it is their way to stimulate their palate with different tastes and most people drink it to obtain a caffeine rush to power through the day by getting a boost in the morning. For others, the routine of preparing a cup every morning is therapeutic and aids with starting their day - a true ritual!

Regardless of whatever your reason to drink coffee is, there is no reason to not be investing in higher-quality speciality coffee beans to give you a top-tier experience. Speciality coffee products will transport you to another world and provide you with a wide array of flavours that you would not find in your usual instant or regular off-the-shelf coffees - Looking for something different? Why not try our Speciality Coffee Club and receive a different coffee every week or month!

Instant coffee is an 'instant' turn off for many, if not all coffee enthusiasts. Some will argue it's not even coffee! It’s easy to make, cheap, and provides enough of a boost to get those that know no better kickstarted. If you yearn for higher quality flavour and finer quality, you will want to consider brewing a cup from high-quality, coffee beans. Speciality coffee is your best bet and only real choice when it comes to having the ultimate coffee experience! Their rich flavour tones will excite the taste buds in a way instant, freeze-dried coffee can only dream. The acquisition of these beans is often more difficult, with the target market being special consumers rather than coffee chains trying to bulk buy more for a cheaper price.

Adding sugar and cream to a cup of instant coffee may produce the wanted results for some, but having a high-end base product to work with can ultimately upgrade the experience.



Utilizing spices such as cinnamon or natural sweeteners like pure honey are great ways to add a healthy flavouring touch to your morning coffee. For those who are into fitness, it is possible to mix a cup of coffee with some protein powder to provide energy as well as good muscle strength and recovery in the process. Some people who enjoy sweet coffee would appreciate the taste that chocolate syrup would have on the cup of coffee, although it will bump up the calories per cup.

Speciality coffees taste best when experimenting with different ingredients, so it would be advisable to invest in better quality beans for better palatability.

The best part about the coffee market is that so many varieties of coffee exist along with supplementary products that go well with it.

Try a new variety of creamer one day, or use non-dairy milk products such as almond milk or oat milk to give a different taste to the usual cup of joe. Non-dairy alternatives are usually more healthy and have less of an impact on our environment too. Oat milk especially is a firm favourite with both vegetarians and vegans.



An amazing way to make an iced coffee, iced-latte or other cold brew, is to use ice cube trays and freeze coffee into cubes! This way, you can place the coffee cubes in a glass or in a jug and add warm milk (or your preferred non-dairy alternative) or even coffee to melt the ice. This creates a stronger coffee that does not get watered down nd diluted but instead creates a consistent coffee taste.

Milk foam is a welcome addition to coffee, as it adds a fluffy sensation when taking a sip. Making espressos with foam gives it additional texture asides from the hot (sometimes bitter), strong kick. Frothing devices are often easy to use and can give another twist to your daily drink. Many coffee machines come with an integrated frother but you can buy them separately too, however, for a quick and easy frothy foam, but a small amount of milk (or your favourite non-dairy alternative) into a container and give it a quick but vigorous shake for 30-60 seconds, it should froth up nicely!



Appropriate Coffee Bean Storage in an airtight container with a gas/co2 release valve allows the freshness of speciality coffee beans and grounds to stay consistent while keeping it in a cool and desirable temperature will keep the roasting process more consistent in terms of flavour output. Only grind coffee beans as and when you need them as the coffee starts to deteriorate as soon as they are ground.

Being exposed to speciality coffee products will suck you into a world of advanced flavours, a completely new coffee experience and perhaps a whole redefined love for caffeine. Instant coffees will (crudely) definitely get the job done, and even if you don’t plan to fully make the jump to speciality grounds, having some set aside for those long Mondays is always welcome.

When it comes to high-quality and great-tasting speciality coffees in the UK, we have a great selection of exotic brews, make the switch to experiencing finer caffeine products in life with us now!