What is Speciality Coffee

What is Speciality Coffee – A Quick Guide


Gourmet coffee, or as it is more commonly referred to as ‘speciality coffee’, has become one of the fastest-growing trends in the UK. While coffee is considered one of the most commonly consumed morning beverages all throughout the world, speciality coffee, on the other hand, takes your caffeine experience one step higher - this is our mission here at the Proper Coffee Co.

When a particular cup of coffee is deemed to be “speciality coffee,” it boasts a supreme aroma and flavour tone that would set it apart from regular store-brand beans. Simply branding coffee as “speciality” won’t suddenly improve its taste, it has to undergo a rigorous process to assure its quality.

Many would consider speciality coffee to be simply an expensive fad, but the process it requires puts it closer to an art form. For a particular pack of beans to be considered as a speciality, it has to have the below four qualities.

The most basic and vital component of speciality coffee is that it should have a highly transparent origin. These don’t simply pop up out of nowhere, it’s entire growth and post-processing has to be traceable from the very start. If your supplier simply shrugs and tells you they don’t know where their “speciality” coffee comes from, then it most likely isn’t.



Coffee, in general, already has a tedious growth and production process, factoring in the altitude, the climate, and the soil among other things. The production of speciality coffee takes that one step further for quality assurance purposes. Each step of its growth and production is heavily monitored, as minor mistakes will greatly affect the taste of the beans.

Highly skilled farmers segregate the best coffee cherries from the unripe, the overly ripe, and the blemish-filled ones. By finding the best of the best, they can assure the highest quality and taste for coffee enthusiasts.

Just because the coffee underwent a highly strict growth and production process, it doesn’t immediately make it into the realm of speciality coffee. It first has to pass the standards of the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA).The SCA’s grading system rates the visual and taste factors of the beans, undergoing several screenings imposed by trained coffee experts to achieve the final result. Beans with an SCA grade of 80 or higher will warrant it the status of “speciality coffee,” a certified assurance of quality based on the experts’ findings.



The process doesn’t end with the grade, the next part—coffee roasting—does a lot for the assurance of maximum flavour. The experience and expertise of a skilled, master roaster will be able to bring out the flavours and tones which would have remained sealed without roasting. Proper roasting is a science—it requires specificity and expertise to assure the best roasting for very particular flavours and purposes. We go to great lengths to ensure our roasters bring out the very best in our coffee beans for the very best coffee experience!

The production process of speciality coffee is quite rigorous, so picking out the best coffee for you also has to yield the best results. Knowing a bit about the background of your coffee allows you to appreciate the hard work that went into forging the great taste you get to enjoy every day.If you’re looking for a speciality coffee or a online coffee subscription, then we are your best bet. Get in touch with us today and see the variety of speciality coffee we have in stock for you.


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