How to make the Perfect Pour Over Coffee

How to Brew the Perfect Pour-Over Coffee


There’s nothing quite like a good cup of coffee to perk up during the afternoon slump. The rich, earthy drink is indispensable in most people’s morning routines as it helps them plough through a downpour of work. That’s why there are coffee shops on every street, each one lined with customers looking for an energy boost.

Seeing as many people live hectic lives, some don’t have the time to drop by their go-to cafe and order up a cup of joe. Some are on a budget and have decided that store-bought coffee should be the first purchase to go. The obvious solution is to make coffee at home, which is why the popularity of different brewing methods has spiked up in recent years - for a full overview, check out our full brewing guide on how-to make pour-over coffee.

Pour-over coffee is a perennial favourite among coffee-lovers and us here at the Proper Coffee Co., as it’s a traditional technique that allows people to enjoy a premium cup at home. While it requires more effort than pressing a button on an automatic coffee-machine, the thicker, richer, and tastier results are often well worth it.

The best part is that pour-over drippers are one of the most accessible brewers in the market, offering diverse options in sizes, shapes, filter materials, and usage recommendations. With that in mind, the guide below should help you choose the best of the bunch for your taste.



Pour-over coffee may sound like a simple method of making good coffee, but, it requires more than one tool (and the knowledge to use them effectively) to make it work.

The items below are necessary for achieving consistent quality in the pour-over coffee. They include:

Filters may seem like the least interesting of the bunch, but the quality and type you choose will leave a significant impact on your brew. There are specific filters designed to produce different extractions. For instance, modern brewers are preferring stainless steel filters as it allows for better extraction of the bean’s suspended oils without the risk of leaving an undesirable taste as some paper filters can do.

While stainless steel material does have its merits, paper filters are the better choice if you prefer a lighter and brighter brew as the paper traps more of the coffee granules. Ultimately, it’s a good idea to try both out and see what you prefer as your filter choice will largely affect the taste and colour of your brew.



The quality of your dripper also makes a massive impact on your pour-over coffee experience.

Some designs cater to experts as it promises a deeper flavour, but requires more precision to the rate and aim of your pour as well as temperatures. There are also simple drippers that are ideal for beginners who want to skip the ritualistic process without compromising flavour.

As the moniker hints, the process of drip brewing involves pouring hot water over freshly ground beans through a paper filter. The heat slowly passing through the grinds extract more flavour, which enhances its aromatic components for a richer cup of coffee. Not to mention, the constant stream of hot water confers a faster, more efficient brew.

With that in mind, the quality of your coffee grinder, paper diffusers, and other brewing devices can make a world of difference in brewing the ideal coffee.

Our speciality coffees can be ground to your specification as well as purchased whole-bean if you prefer but why not try the pour-over coffee method and let us know how you got on?

Just get in-touch if you need any advice - We’re always happy to help! ☕


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