Ethical, Socially Responsible Speciality Coffee

Colombia, Jardines del Eden WWF Natural

Notes of Blueberry with a bright acidity!
Great as a filter coffee, exciting as an espresso!

*Our coffee is roasted on-demand, in small batches, on a weekly basis as part of our 100% freshness guarantee.

Region: Colombia, Popayan, Cauca
Process: Natural Anaerobic WWF
Variety: Castillo
Altitude: 1500 -2070 MASL

Tasting Notes: Chocolate milk & blueberry with a soft, juicy acidity
Strength: Medium

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We are incredibly excited to make available this new addition to our single-origin speciality coffee selection for our customers!

Grown by Felipe Arcila, this particular variety from Finca Jardines Del Eden, (also known as Eden Gardens), in Colombia, is of the Castillo varietal of coffee bean. Castillo beans are more productive than Caturra and has better resistance to ‘coffee leaf rust’, a disease that is absolutely devastating for coffee plantations.

This rather special coffee is exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation process of 30+ hours while still in grain-pro bags similar to the methods used in white wine production. The cherries are then moved to raised beds to naturally dry until a 20% moisture content is achieved. The lowering of the moisture content at this stage allows for a more controlled fermentation method. Once achieved, the coffee is then placed inside grain-pro bags for an additional 80 hours. Once at this stage, fermentation is driven only by natural yeasts. In the final stage, the cherries are laid out to dry on raised beds to 10.5% moisture content.

The Arcila family has been growing and cultivating coffee for over 80 years.

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