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Guatemala, Mundo Novo, Buenos Aires


Roast Day: Thursday
Delivery Note: 5-7 days from day of roasting

A great example of a true omni-coffee
Very smooth & versatile, excellent as a filter and espresso!

*Our coffee is roasted on-demand, in small batches, on a weekly basis as part of our 100% freshness guarantee.

Region: Finca Buenos Aires, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Process: Washed
Variety: Mundo Novo
Altitude: 1500 -1700 MASL

Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Caramel & Honey
Strength/Roast: Medium

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Mundo Novo translates to ‘New World’ and is a hybrid of Bourbon and Typica varietals originally found in Brazil. Coffee seeds of the original coffee plants were planted in the region of Novo Mundo, giving the new variety its name.

Finca Buenos Aires, run by Diana & Hector, along with two other farms all located within the ‘coffee-zone’ of the Huehuetenango region, has been in their family since the 1800s and is anchored on three main principles, all close to their hearts: quality, environmental preservation and good working conditions. At elevations between 1500 to 1700 masl, all the coffee is processed on the farm premises. The coffee is dried in patios, (second grade) guardiolas and raised beds.

Diane and Hector work hard in developing their farms and use best pre and post-harvest practices, making sure the coffee is carefully selected, sorted, de-pulped and fermented dry for 36 hours. The coffee is mechanically washed, sorted in a “caño colombiano” (washing channel), dried on patios to reach 10.5% moisture levels.

Their community focus is paramount across all their farms and operations, always seeking new ways to support the local communities who very much depend on coffee production for their livelihood.

Diana and Hector are an excellent example of a new, fresh approach to coffee production. Their farms and management style is focused on maximum efficiency and sustainability.

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