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Organic Espresso House Blend

Espresso House Blend, 100% Certified Organic

Roast Day: Thursday
Delivery Note: 5-7 days from day of roasting

Introducing our very special first-ever Espresso House Blend, made possible by the marriage of two of our exceptional organic coffees: Our Ethiopian (Tega & Tula) and Columbian (La Union). With its floral and jammy-like quality, our House Blend is 100% certified organic and tastes great at a range of different brew times, giving the barista or coffee connoisseur the full freedom to craft a truly unique coffee experience…

We had the idea of creating an original blend that would appeal to coffee enthusiasts with a range of preferences. We wanted to create a coffee that was silky, smooth and naturally sweet in equal proportions, a coffee that would be great on its own or with a dash of milk, a coffee that would spark joy on a gloomy day. We like to challenge ourselves here at The Proper Coffee Co. but it is all for a good cause and a big love of coffee. We worked hard, debated late into the early hours and tested endless variations of roasting profiles. Many cups were consumed for this worthy cause. And we think we’ve finally got it!

This has very quickly become an everyday favourite for many of our loyal coffee lovers!

*Our coffee is roasted on-demand, in small batches, on a weekly basis as part of our 100% freshness guarantee.

Tasting Notes: Floral & Jammy Sweetness, Tangy Fruit Acidity
Strength: Medium


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