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3 Reasons why Colombian Coffee is so Special


It is often said that coffee is actually a sensitive crop that requires the right environment to grow and thrive. What’s great about Colombia is that it has one of the best geographical locations, perfect for growing coffee. The country itself has a suitable weather condition and the ideal soil, which help the coffee grow and prosper.

When it comes to the location, Colombia has vast mountainous terrains and tropical locations. As for the climate, it has enough high rainfall but with just the right amount of sunlight and dry-spells as well. Overall, the country is rich in biodiversity that makes it the best place to grow Colombian coffee.

The superior quality of the Columbian coffee can also be attributed to its growing and harvesting methods. As you should know, it’s not enough that coffee grows in the perfect location because it also requires the proper way of cultivating the trees and harvesting of the coffee beans.

In terms of growth, Columbian coffee is usually grown on steep slopes that are surrounded by trees and plants needed for shade. As for the harvesting method, every bean is said to be hand-picked, which is what makes all the difference.



Coffee aficionados know that coffee is more than what they savour because its taste and flavour all boil down to the kind of coffee bean it is. Know that there are two primary types of coffee beans – Arabica and Robusta. Generally, Arabica is deemed as the superior bean known for its sweeter and lighter taste when compared to Robusta.

With that said, Colombia is one of the few countries that produce 100% Arabica coffee beans, because of its ideal terrain and climate that makes it one of the best places to grow and harvest this type of coffee. With Colombia’s 100 per cent Arabica status, you can expect the country to offer some of the best coffee to the rest of the world!

It’s worth knowing that while Colombian coffee can offer the best taste and coffee experience for many, other factors might just ruin its highly esteemed reputation. For the most part, however, you can attribute the quality of Colombian coffee to its location and climate, method of growing and harvesting, as well as the type of coffee bean that it is. If you’re up to savour the best cup of java in the world, give Colombian coffee a try!

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