Small Batch Coffee Beans

Why You Need to Switch to Small Batch Coffee


When it comes to preparing anything, whether it is an event, supper, date plans, or long-term education plans, setting aside time and effort in controlled amounts goes a long way.

Among all the different parts of your daily routine that can be made better by making a few simple tweaks, none could yield a greater experience than your cup of coffee.

For anyone starting to take their coffee much more seriously, the first move always starts with going beyond a regular 3-in-1 sachet and moving onto beans. Over time, the details of an everyday cup will begin to reveal themselves in different ways, such as French presses, pour-overs, Aeropress, and drip filters, all of which add a different dimension to the way coffee tastes.

While all these additions to your daily routine have a significant impact on your cuppa Joe in one way or another, there’s one detail that’s bound to make the biggest difference: Switching to small-batch coffee.



Although it may seem menial at first, opting for small-batch coffee when reworking the way you know your daily brew is a game-changer because of how well it brings out a wide range of flavours in every cup. In comparison with big-batch beans, small-batch coffee that’s handcrafted and roasted by passionate experts provide a far different experience which gives more meaning in each sip.

If you’ve been looking for a new way to enjoy your caffeine while fostering a new sense of appreciation, here are three reasons you should make the switch to small-batch coffee:

When it comes to fostering and upholding attention to detail, small-batch roasters get it right every time because the smaller amount of produce they're dealing with makes it easier to ensure quality. Instead of running into lacklustre beans, taking the small-batch route is easier to guarantee that you’re getting the best taste money can buy with every load of grounds that you brew and steep with!



What makes small-batch coffee so special and essential for anyone who wants to fine-tune their approach to coffee is that it offers a far more quality-intensive experience that gives rich flavours and aromatics in every cup. Given the smaller size of batches put together during operations, there is more work devoted into every bean to the point where the roasting and flavouring are far more intense in each bag, making for a symphony of flavours!

Each batch of coffee is hand-picked, roasted, and packed with extra love and care

While it’s easy to say that any roaster in their right mind would be dedicated to delivering the best flavour possible, the amount of care and quality flavours in a bag of small-batch coffee are symbolic of an even greater passion at play.

With fewer loads to deal with, small-batch companies have more time to focus on other aspects of their products beyond merely meeting target weights and getting the right shade. Here at the Proper Coffee Co, for instance, we follow a smaller system when it comes to batch roasting and packing because it ensures that for each bag of small-batch coffee our customers receive, each and every one exceeds their expectations while leaving more room for pickiness!



Although there are many details that can be tweaked and refined to bring out the flavours of every cup, none could be as significant as making the switch to small-batch coffee. With the help of beans that are packed and selected with a great deal of care and high standards by trained experts, you’ll be able to realise the difference and full impact of switching to small-batch coffee!

When it comes to ethically and socially-responsible coffee, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of speciality coffee, expertly roasted in our London roastery that is guaranteed to help you make the most out of your daily routine. Browse through our online shop today and purchase some of our hand-picked, speciality bags of small-batch coffee for your home or office!